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Rocks'n'Diamonds (R&D) is much more than a computer game. I have been dedicating myself to this unusual software product of Holger Schemel since 2001. Not only by contributing alternative graphics, sounds and levels but also trying to bring in new ideas.

Playing "normal" Boulder Dash is not necessarily my thing, but R&D is extremely adaptable and an open field for graphic- and level designers as well as for game developers, even without any knowledge of programming.

Via "config-files" and with the help of a mighty integrated editor you can create nearly everything. So I 'customized' the whole thing specifically for friends of logic puzzles and for those who enjoy an appealing design. Only by selecting my Level Sets in the game, a completely new surface and also a new strategic challenge appears.

Meanwhile (September 2007)  we have developed a second separate R'n'D version called "R'n'D jue",  which only uses my graphics, sounds and configurations as default. The image on the right will take you to my R&D Download page .