R'n'D jue_ levelset: R'n'D West

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Actually this level set was a part of a larger project, so far it's a bit out of its context - nevertheless it is playable very well. Rockford, the hero, appears with a time machine, has to fight against evil cowboys and has to collect nuggets to solve the level.

R&D West has for the most part a "random based-level engine", that is, without any player action it happens a lot , e.g. the battle between indians and cowboys. But it seems, that also the cowboys among themselves have a lot of fun to kill each other.

Although this set has been developed in Summer 2004, you can discover many things never happened in R&D level design before. BTW: I don't like shooting games very much, but R&D West (I hope, this is obvious) shall be only a funny parody. The graphics of Rockford, indians and cowboys are based on preliminary characters by Alan Bond