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J1 Edition BUG Machine Game Inside R&D West R&D PUZZNIC
J1 Edition Bug Machine Game Inside R&D West R&D Puzznic

PUZZLE MIX edit inside Sobigo main 1 sokoban
Puzzle-Mix Edit inside Sobigo Main Screens Sokoban -NEW!

As a contribution for "SNAKE BITE" by Alan Bond , I designed another level set at the beginning of 2005. (not included in R'n'D jue because of the different graphic base). You can find the Snake Bite Levels on the Rocks'n'Diamonds Homepage under Levels&artwork.

Here you can also download many other great levelsets (a.o. the Emerals Mine Club - package with 50337 levels in 564 level sets. Of course all these level sets are playable in "R'n'D jue", remember that the basic graphics and sounds of R'n'D jue have been designed only for this huge level archive.